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Nice Dude

Good Job On My Beat Pretty Deso Missed A Couple Notes When it Came To The Singing But Good Ish All Together

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Thanks Man.

TFreezyTFZ responds:

Yea i know . Im not at all a singer, but hey, i try.

'Preciate the feedback bro. The beat is dope .


Hey Good Stuff Conor this dope dude


good job man u made the top 5 list haha thats a accomplishment this beat nice not personal my style but it bangs one thing tho ur bass is great but it just feels weird thro my headphones maybe it just them but anyway Bomb Ass Productions Man
Keep It Up

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks man, yeh I tend to make the bass stand out with the beat :p


At First I Was Kinda Laughin At The Sounds Then I Got To Liking Them Though They Were Really Repetitive Plus I Wouldn't Consider This Techno But Not Bad Dude Keep It Up U Will Get Better


I Like The Beginning It's Catchy and gets u into it and then the drums and drops and stuff came in and i was alright but i found it to get REALLY REPETITIVE and its because of that y i think its a seven but i think if u go back and change up some things it could be alot better

BlowinMoneyENT responds:

i honestly have no ideas left for any of my projects. i can send it to you if you want to mess with it?? i made this in less than an hour but at the same time worked hard and rushed it. thanks for the review. all my beats are somewhat repadative.. i cant stand clutter. lol

Nice Bro

Hey Man Sorry I Didn't respond earlier i rarely see my messages but anyway dis is not bad i like the piano alot good dynamics the lil click sound use used over the clap was nice too. Nice Track Overall man keep it up

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks lol, got much better shit out, more to come, stay tuned :)

Not Bad

I Like This Man its keeps my attention it is a lil repetitive but overall nice track


CATCHY AS HELL yo Keep it up


Dis is defintiley some of the BEST DUB i eva heard love da drops love da bass love everything keep it up man i hope u win da contest

UncleSqueezins responds:

Best dub EVAR?! :O

Glad you like it :) I hope I win, too. lol

Really Good (should be longer)

This is reallly good i would think u should make it a song and make it LONGER hahah but really the synths sound sharp good job i kno its a loop though and creative title hahah keep it up

Soulero responds:

Its a loop.

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